KIDZONET is the first of its kind to offer kids online protection & Parental Control as a Telecom Service.
Internet Parental Control as a Telecom Service
Service Providers are going well beyond basic telecommunications and entertainment services to deliver a variety of managed solutions to their customers.
With KIDZONET®, service providers can now be more accountable to their community and reciprocate their customers' trust by delivering the first of its kind Kids Online Protection & Parental Control as a Telecom Service. 
KIDZONET® helps ISPs better serve and support society values while increasing internet adoption. 


  1. In-Country Cloud
    Local Traffic Termination, Filtering and Logging
  2. Auto-Provisioning
    ISP Provisioning Panel. Auto-Provisioning for Fixed and Dynamic IP allocation for Home Subscribers. API for Telecom Auto-provisioning
  3. Auto-Billing
    API for Telecom billing integration
  4. Support
    Cloud Infrastructure Support. L2 and L3 Support.
  5. Cloud Based
    No hardware, No software No installation to be added at home
  6. Mobile App
    Simple and Easy to use Supports Android and IOS Can be accessed from anywhere in the globe
  1. Languages
    Available in English, Arabic, French, Turkish and Urdu.
  2. COP (Child Online Protection) Compliance
    In-line with Governments' Child Online Protection Initiatives.
  3. Unlimited Devices
    Supports unlimited number of Internet devices per home internet line
  4. IWF ( Internet Watch Foundation)
    Full IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) Database Support
  5. Children Friendly Internet
    Protection from cyber threats, cyber blackmail, bullying, terrorism content, Sexual content, online child sexual predators and anti-culture content.
  6. Exclusive Telecom Filters
    KIDZONET® can create and develop exclusive Telecom profile filters
  7. Block Extremism
    Allows Governments and Police to directly control and add any terrorist web content to be blocked for all subscribers
  8. White Label
    Co-branded Web Portal and Mobile App at No Cost.
  9. Digital Friendly WiFi
    Blocks access to pornography, images and videos of child sexual abuse and web pages known by the Internet Watch Foundation to host indecent images of children
  10. Roadmap
    Rich and Comprehensive Roadmap Features
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