A Child Online Protection Service

Designed specifically for Telco operators and Internet service providers via ZERO−Touch service.

ZERO−Touch Technology

Today, 4.7 billion people around the globe use the internet, of which 10% are kids. Yet only 35% of these kids are protected online as per a report by the United Nations. KIDZONET is on a mission to change this status.

KIDZONET protects kids online from multiple threats using Zero Touch Technology at the Telco and internet service providers’ level, serving parents around the globe through our Telco partners.

Child Online Protection as a Telco Service

KIDZONET has been built by industry experts in cloud security, every single detail has been studied thoroughly and based on deep research of the market needs.


Made it easy for parents to adopt, simply by subscribing to the internet service provider, and easier for telcos and internet service providers to integrate, and here are the benefits:

In-Country Cloud

Increased ARPU

24/7 Support

Simple Activation for Parents

Auto Provisioning

Available in Multiple Languages

No Hardware, no Software

A local brand that understands market’s needs

Custom White and Black List

Partner With Us

KIDZONET works with Telcos and internet service providers worldwide to provide the first Zero-Touch Child Online Protection as a Service. We work proactively with our partners to build a long-term and mutually successful relationship and leverage our service for a safer Child Internet Experience.

Why Parents Like KIDZONET

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