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Internet Child Online Protection by Parents’ Standards

Simple to use Parents’ Web and Mobile App Interface designed for non-technical savvy parents

Parents can apply protection on their kids home devices from anywhere, simply by accessing the web portal or the mobile app.

Parents can select from 4 pre-defined protection policies in addition to 6 supportive policies like blocking access to social media and online games  to empower children online and raise them as responsible digital citizens. 

Kids need the Internet, but not Everything On It

The rise of digital technologies has created immense opportunities for young people to connect, learn and access information online, with one-third of all Internet users being children and young people.
According to UNICEF, 71% of young people around the world are already online, taking advantage of the opportunities provided by digital technologies. While these opportunities are significant, it’s important to ensure that young people are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly. This includes access to reliable and age-appropriate content, promoting positive online interactions, and creating secure online environments.


Child Sexual Abuse Material​

The number of websites with confirmed Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) has increased by 32% and 78% of them target girls.

Cyber Risks and Children: Understanding the Growing Threats

56% of children under the age of 12 have been exposed to at least one cyber risk.

Empowering Safe Internet Usage for Children

Kids are still using internet without protection,where these users make 65% out of the total internet users.

User-Friendly Experience

The Child Online Protection your family needs

one click protection

Advanced Protection Interface

Online Threats Protection

Safer Internet

Unlimited Devices

Simple Service

Available in your local language

COP (Child Online Protection) Compliance

One Click Child Online Protection Parents’ Interface. Easy to use, designed for non-technical savvy parents. 

Kidzonet’s Advanced Interface allows parents to choose from a set of Protection Policy profiles with additional protection features such as Restricted Youtube and Blocking streaming services.

Help us Keep the Community Safe

We encourage you to share with us and report any harmful content or URLs that you encounter.