KIDZONET® For Telcos

Child online protection service designed specifically for Telco operators and Internet service providers as a Zero-touch technology.

Our Solution

KIDZONET is the first global technology company offering Child Online Protection as a Zero-Touch Telecom service. KIDZONET service allows nontechnical savvy parents to protect their children from online threats such as sexual abuse, violent and age inappropriate content and internet cyber crimes with our One-Click parents web portal or mobile App or our pre-configured kids-only SIM card.


One-Click Protection

Service is designed for nontechnical savvy parents; simple and easy to activate Child Online Protection without the need for technical knowhow or any configuration.  As well support of kids-only mobile SIM card.


Zero-Touch Telco Service

APIs allow Telcos and Service Providers to offer Child Online Protection as a subscription-based service. Auto-billing and auto-provisioning, as well ability to launch plug and play kids-only SIM card. This ensures massive reachability to markets in every country.

Lower Cost

Monthly Subscription

KIDZONET child online protection service comes as a monthly affordable telecom subscription service, supporting unlimited number of devices per subscription


Adaptive Technology

KIDZONET technology can operate simultaneously with different child online protection policies based on various governments regulations and guidelines.


SIM Guard

Local KIDZONET platform

Customized Black List

Co-Branded and White Label

APIs for Auto-Provisioning

24/7 Telco Support


7 Weeks Time to Market

Secure Internet for Kids, Peace of Mind for Parents

Our advanced technology offers uncompromising security for the young users who are accessing the internet and their parents, all without requiring any software downloads, or hardware fixes, and surely without intrusions into the kids’ privacy or sense of ownership. It has been engineered and designed to serve the 65% of the internet users around the globe, who are currently using internet without protection, although they strongly need protection.
At KIDZONET, we believe in empowering the next generation and providing them with the tools they need to thrive as digital citizens. We believe that children of this era have the right to access the internet safely, without fear of being constantly monitored, tracked, or punished. And parents deserve the peace of mind.

Partner With Us

KIDZONET works with Telcos and internet service providers worldwide to provide the first Zero-Touch Child Online Protection as a Service. We work proactively with our partners to build a long term and mutually successful relationship and leverage our service for a safer Child Internet Experience.